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Hotspot Tenerife

Hotspot Tenerife

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Welcome to Hotspot Tenerife, your go-to cannabis club in the heart of Tenerife, where we blend first-rate cannabis with the relaxed atmosphere of a café. Situated in Tenerife's lively ambiance, Hotspot offers a haven for aficionados of the cannabis lifestyle, with engaging events, chill-out sessions, and a menu that highlights premium strains and unique offerings. Register your invitation today and get one year access without any further costs.

It's the ideal place for those eager to immerse in Tenerife's rich cannabis culture. With events that unite our community and relaxation-focused sessions, Hotspot Tenerife creates memorable moments.

Join the Hotspot Tenerife community, where quality cannabis, cultural immersion, and friendship meet in one of Tenerife's most vibrant locales. It's more than a club—it's a way of life, ensuring every visit enriches your experience.


Cali Flower
Spanish Flower
Hash & Extracts
Pre Rolls




Playa de Troya, Adeje, Tenerife

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday
12:00 a.m. - 0:00 a.m.

Return policy

We are happy to assist you with your stay at the location. Reach out to us if there is any questions.

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Our menu

Cali Flower

Different menu with imports from different growers in the US

Spanish Flower

Tasty strains grown in Spain

Hash and Extracts

Amazing selections of extractions, hash, dry and edibles


We offer a wide range of accessories like papes, filter tips, trays and many more

Hotspot Tenerife

Hotspot Tenerife elevates the social club experience with its modern, urban flair. Our venue celebrates Tenerife's diverse culture, pairing exceptional cannabis with a casual yet upscale setting. Our selection is finely curated to provide a sophisticated taste journey, featuring exclusive strains for the discerning.

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Buy the Zazapass Unlimited to get one year access to all the Social Clubs mentioned in the Zazapass Unlimited Plan. You have to bring your ID and Unlimited Pass to every club before entering.