Welcome to ZAZA SYSTEMS, your comprehensive management system for cannabis social clubs. ZAZA SYSTEMS offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform designed to meet the administrative and operational needs of cannabis social clubs.

  • ZAZAPASS Club Profile

    With ZAZA SYSTEMS, administrators can easily update and manage the club profile. Whether it's adjusting contact information, updating opening hours, or adding new services, our system allows for real-time changes.

    June 2024 
  • Stock & Orders

    ZAZA SYSTEMS provides a comprehensive solution for managing stock and orders. Clubs can monitor their product inventory in real-time, place orders, and track deliveries.

    June 2024 
  • Members App

    The ZAZA SYSTEMS Member App offers members easy access to all club services. Members can view their membership details, follow events and activities in the club calendar, and communicate directly through the app.

    June 2024 
  • Sales & Reports

    With our powerful analysis and reporting tools, clubs can create detailed sales reports and gain insights into sales data. This information helps optimize product offerings, identify sales trends, and plan strategically.

    June 2024 
  • Cultivation Management

    With the cultivation module available from July 2024, clubs can plan and manage their cultivation processes in detail. The system supports managing cultivation areas, planting cycles, and harvest dates to ensure maximum efficiency.

    July 2024 
  • Quality Control

    Our cultivation module includes tools for quality control and reporting to ensure all cultivation processes meet the highest standards. Clubs can monitor the quality of their products at various stages of cultivation and create detailed reports.

    July 2024