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Royal Bunker Barcelona

Royal Bunker Barcelona

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Royal Bunker be that kickin' spot posted up in the heart of Barcelona's hip Les Corts hood, just a stone's throw from the Camp Nou coliseum and the Sants Estacio train stop. This joint be vibin' with tunes, holdin' it down as one of the flyest and most rhythm-driven spots in the city.

Step into our world where the ambiance be chill and designed for max relaxation, all thanks to the slick setup inside. We got plush leather couches and chairs, lit up by warm and funky lights, settin' the scene right. Royal Bunker, it ain't just a club, it's a vibe. Register your invitation today and get one year access without any further costs.


Cali Flower
Spanish Fower
Pre Rolls




Located in the Les Corts neighborhood of Barcelona, just a short distance from the main train station, Sants Estacio

Opening hours

10:00 a.m. - 01:00 a.m.

Return policy

We are happy to assist you with your stay at the location. Reach out to us if there is any questions.

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Our menu

Cali Flower

Different strains from growers in the US

Spanish Flower

Tasty strains grown locally in spain

Pre Rolls

Enjoy multiple carfully pre rolled joints from our menu


We offer a wide range of accessories like papes, filter tips, trays and many more

Seshs of Barcelona

In Royal Bunker, it's all about the culture, where the streets meet the beats. The people are real, diverse, bringing their own flava from all corners of the city and beyond. It's more than a club, it's a melting pot of style, music, and the raw spirit of Barcelona, cementing Royal Bunker as the pulse of the city's urban scene.

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